Catalog - Cooler Cold Packs

During Very Hot or Very Cold weather, we may suggest the use of COOLER COLD PACKS for Live Bait Guarantee.

- Heavy-duty, reusable coolers with gel-ice packs

- Cooler size is chosen according to bait order

- Additional gel-ice packs are available for purchase

Live delivery guaranteed only when package is delivered within 2 days, signature is required. Shipping methods may vary. Please make arrangements for someone to sign for, open, & inspect the contents upon arrival.

10 quart with 1 Gel-Ice Pack $ 8.25
20 quart with 1 Gel-Ice Pack $ 9.95
30 quart with 1 Gel-Ice Pack $ 10.50
58 quart with 2 Gel-Ice Packs $ 18.95
Gel-Ice Pack (each) $ 1.95