Complete Whitewater Aeration System

Item No. WW1001
Provides a total aeration package for larger applications holding up to 50 lbs. of baitfish. Produces .81 C.F. of air per minute on only 16 watts of power. Both pump and manifold have provision for permanent mounting. System consists of:

  • 1 WW1002 Whitewater air pump
  • 10 ft. 1/4ID Air line
  • 1 Check valve to prevent water back flow when unit is not in use
  • 1 Manifold for up to 6 air diffusers
  • 25' 5/32 airline tubing
  • 6 AS3 1 "X2" air diffusers

    Shipping weight: 6 lbs.
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    Price: $239.35